Thursday, 28 August 2008

Top 5 covers

Ok, I recently read Gurns post of his Top 5 covers and whilst I figure his choice weren't bad, I didn't necessarily agree. Soooo, here are my choices....although I'm not one for decisions so they are in no particular order...

Disturbed - Shout 2000

Type O Negative - Summer Breeze

Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (I know its not strictly a cover but I'm including it here as it was first performed by composer Grace Slick with her band The Great Society in 1966 before she joined Airplane so I say it counts!)

Gary Jules - Mad World

So there we have it. I finally made a top 5 of, well, anything! Theres others I would include if I had more room but then I'd be back to not really making decisions again wouldn't I?

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ninja cake anyone?

Yes Ninjas.. y'know those guys in black who run around silently in the movies... I really enjoy Ninjutsu (or for those who wish to be picky, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu) Its something I took up when I was younger (about 17) and studied for a few years but the class I was attending had a change in its dynamics so I stopped training. I took it up again about 18 months ago when I finally found a club here in Edinburgh. I was lucky enough to be allowed to keep my old grade and progress from there... sooo last night at the end of my class my sensei announced that I have now been awarded my 1st dan and I am finally a blackbelt.

I'm chuffed to bits! I kept my cool when he announced it and managed only to blush a little when really I wanted to jump up and down clapping my hands and squealing! (as a true barbie girl would of course!!)

Friday, 15 August 2008

May I suggest curtains??

Talking to a colleague at work today in her office on the second floor I glanced out the window to spot a naked man....After a few seconds I realised that he did actually have boxers on but he was wandering about in a building opposite ours in front of a very uncovered window. I'm not someone to be shocked easily but I did have to do a double take. (Oh and alert all the other people in the office to my new found view...) Apparently its not a new phenomena though, some of the guys in the front office used to schedule their lunch breaks around the time a young lady over the road was flitting about semi naked too.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The passport trial

I need a passport to go to Barcelona in October. I've never had one before (last time I travelled overseas I was 11 and on my mums) Everyone knows that passports are pretty pricey to buy, but what lots of people don't seem to realise (myself included until now) just how much information they want on the application form. I would expect that my birth certificate is pretty good to prove my nationality, but the form also asks for all my parents full details including passport numbers and marriage details (these are proving a little hard to actually get out of my parents at the moment) I am glad that both of my parents were born in the UK as otherwise I'd also have to give my grandparents details too. Next I have to have someone who has known me long enough but I'm not related to, or in a relationship with to countersign (thankfully I have a Boss who's happy to do stuff like that) then I'm going to have to take time off work to attend an interview.

phew. I think after all that I am going to really need the holiday.

One man band

As a surprise a couple of weeks ago I was given a present....
(it looks a darker wine red in the flesh though) I have been drooling over these in the music shop window for a few months now so it was a very nice surprise - I'm now having to learn to play all over again - although it shouldn't be hard as I never really got past 4 chords :s

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Haircut part 2... I mentioned I had further plans for my latest haircut. I had to go to a family party over the weekend so I figured best to do it before then. Here are the results of my creativity. (the lights not great in here so these aren't the best pictures though)

If its not that visible, I have dyed about a quarter of my hair red and left the rest black. I'm pretty chuffed with it and work haven't complained ...yet...