Sunday, 25 July 2010

Do I need someone else talking for me?

As you may have gathered, I spend a lot of time on the net, usually looking at random and/or inane pages that I only have a passing interest in. (this is what the net is made up of right? this and porn.) Anyway, one of the things that gets me are other bloggers who feel that they have the right to speak for others. Today, this is namely a lady called Jane Hoskyn who has written an article on MSN titled "53 secrets girls don't want guys to know" most of these statements start with "When we are..." or "We...". Well sorry Jane I hate to tell you this, but you do not speak for every woman everywhere across the world....So stop it! if you want to quote women then do so, but please don't give anyone the idea that all women think the same way. Some of the offending line are below (followed by what I think of course!)

2. We will never grow out of our fascination with pop stars. A guy can be completely ordinary-looking, but we will fancy him if he’s in a band.

Sorry lady, I'm just not that sad or desperate. If there's a guy I fancy in the limelight its because he's hot, not famous.

3. We are more likely to fancy a guy if his ex-girlfriends are really pretty.

4. We can be put off a guy by finding out that his ex-girlfriends are a bit ugly.

5. When we look through your Facebook photos, we’re looking to see how pretty or ugly your ex-girlfriends are.

I had to clump these three together. I don't give a shit about what Ex-girlfriends look like. They're Exes...Past...History...Finito...and hopefully for some good reason.

21. Your feet disgust us.

Only if they are really ugly.

42. During breakouts we get up at 6am and cover our spots with concealer while you’re sleeping.

Again, I'm not this sad. If someone is with me, then that's that. I'm not going to try and hide any "bad" parts of me, that's just like trying to trick them into sticking around, and if someone is shallow enough to dump you because of a few spots then they're just downright shallow.

46. We’d happily sleep with your best mate to make you jealous.

So now all women must be manipulative bitches??... I think that maybe Jane is actually a man.... who's been hurt.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

This is pizza

I had run out of things to take to work for lunch last week, so in a quandary I grabbed an individual pizza from the freezer once I remembered that you could pop them in the microwave from frozen. A good plan, I thought... until I saw the end product. The cheese had tried desperately to escape from the top of the pizza, but only got as far as the plate...


Whilst browsing though some of my favourite websites at some shiny new boots, I spotted this...apparently they also now sell invisible boots...

Not sure they'd be worth the money!

Saturday, 10 July 2010


I spotted these "lovely" sun hats and flipflops in a local pound shop...I very nearly bought the hat for B-Man but the thought that he might wear it in a public place mortified me!

In the next shop I spotted a new drink on the market...I'm not sure about the name of this brand though...

Take it up....Take it down♦

There are lots of little shops near my work, one of them recently opened up as a Tailors. I think they have an odd idea of what Tailors do judging from the signs in their window...

Are they going to take things up and down repeatedly?

Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh Shrek!

During my nightly internet wanderings tonight I came across the following advert for (I hope!) the new Shrek movie. My brain is always in the gutter but I had to double check this one closely....what is that pulsating (well in the animation anyway, not this picture) long, green thing?

oh. its a thermometer.....