Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What goes around comes around

I know, its a cliché, but today a 'good deed' from last Friday paid off.

On Friday, I was helping run an exam at work where some local paramedics were helping out. Whilst they were waiting they asked if they could look around in the museum they were to be working in so I got the keys (and permission of course!) from the staff and let them through.

Today I had a day off and decided to pop across to the local shopping centre - mainly so there was something in the house to eat other than cat food! - It didn't dawn on me until after I'd finished shopping that I had maybe overestimated how much I could carry....However, with B-Man being at work I had little choice, so started my struggle across the car park. I got less than halfway before having to stop and re-adjust the bags (twice!) when a car pulled up and one of the paramedics from Fridays visit popped her head out of the window and asked if I wanted a hand. She recognised me because of the red flash in my hair! (I knew it would be a useful look!) The lovely lady popped all my shopping in the boot and gave me a lift home. I think I may have still been walking across the road now if it weren't for her!

There you have it, further evidence that being nice to others pays off :)

Monday, 27 September 2010

Painted Cats: this time for real

For years, I've loved the book Why Paint Cats. If you've not seen it, I'd definitely recommend finding a copy.

its a hoax

One lady has taken it quite literally however and dyed her cat Oi Kitty, pink.

Apparently she did it because it matches her hair (and everything else she owns) at least stray cat hair wont show up!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I'm Freaked out. I seem to always have dopplegangers, or lookalikes. People I know often see "me" wandering about in places I've never been to. One person even said "I" was driving a car that pulled up next to my car at a roundabout!
I'm pretty used to this now, I pass it off as just having one of those faces.

Tonight however I have found a doppleganger in Name.. Twisted Barbies are taking over the world!!! WE'RE DOOOMED!!!

Ok, so I googled myself. I know, Its sad, but I wanted to see if I came up in the search. (Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) and up popped a blog written by Twisted Barbie, but isn't me...

I'm not sure if I can cope!...what to do?!...do I turn all Dave Gorman and start a search to find all Twisted Barbies across the planet??... do I just pretend I didn't notice??...what if someone gets us confused!!...

I feel the neurosis setting in...

Oooh Missis!

I spotted this wonderful numberplate on an Edinburgh Taxi today. I apologise for the bad shot but the bus was about to start pulling way...Presenting.....Kinky Taxi!

More amusing than this, when I downloaded this photo off my phone and zoomed in I noticed a girl sitting at the back of the bus in front of the taxi who had spotted me, and looks rather indignant about having her photo taken! (Ooops!)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Magic Number

Celebration time for having 100 Followers!

I promised a photo of fellow blogger Gurns face at the news of me reaching this milestone...so here it is...

Lovely! :s Thank you everyone!

Word of the week!

This weeks Word of the Week...courtesy of a heated discussion on the sacking of the Stig from Top Gear after revealing is identity...

08 September 2010 13:52:42

It's not Clarkson who is the twonk around here! it's you lot. If you seriously believe that Collins could be sacked without another court case, then think again.

he will still be The Stig, only twonkers will believe he has been sacked and stilll "not know" who the Stig is.

Wake up you bunch of twonkers!


*note to Stigmund...ever heard of a thesaurus??* ;)