Sunday, 12 June 2011

Scary Tree

Is this a tree or a person turned into a tree by an evil wizard in a fairytale?......

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Firewalk with me...

No, this post is not about the twin peaks movie. Next Friday I will be walking over 15 feet of hot coals to raise money for char-ity (*cough* excuse the pun) I'm very excited, and as the day draws closer I'm also getting rather nervous!

Walking on hot coals is a massive challenge, and one that many people would shy away from (based on the reaction most people have given of asking if I'm completely insane) but I think my mind/body can hold up to it....If not this is going to hurt! I'll be getting as many photos and videos as possible as evidence of my trial, maybe more to prove to myself that I did it than for anyone else as I'm pretty sure it will all feel like a bit of a dream afterwards.

Wish me luck folks! (or if it goes wrong, send bandages!)

Barbie shows her true colours

I get bored easily. I can't help it, its always happened (apparently recent studies have shown that this is due to a part of my brain being too big, I NEVER thought that would be my excuse for anything!) anyway due to my short attention span and low boredom threshold I have a tendancy to change things my hair. Which as of last Saturday became very, very purple...