Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Since when???

I like to think that I have some "interesting" ideas on dress sense (when I can be arsed to wear anything other than combats and a t shirt that is) but lately the adverts I've been getting from alternative clothing stores is a bit..well, normal..... heres a couple of examples...

Apart from the models themselves I pretty much fail to see anything alternative about these items.

Maybe I'm just getting too old!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

I'll just carry it then...

Last month B-Man and I held a game night at our flat, we play board and card games quite often but we struggled for space a bit when there was a few of us so in advance of the evening we decided to buy a table. Our flat is, well...small, so we needed a table that ideally folded so it wouldn't be in the way. After looking at our options in my beloved IKEA and finding that the ones I liked were waaaaayyy out of our budget we decided to give the charity shops a look. After some well timed luck (as we were paying for one table the (almost) perfect one got wheeled in the door so we swapped!) we found ourselves on a fairly busy city street with a wheelie table.

Its not huge so we figured to get it home we would try for a bus. It was fun navigating it across the road through traffic, but we survived... The bus arrived quickly and we let everyone else get on first then lifted the table up. The driver didn't seem very impressed with this idea and promptly informed us "This is a bus not a bloody van. " I have a feeling I knew I was reaching for my bus pass. We climbed off the bus and were standing deliberating about how to get home when a second bus came along, This time thankfully I stepped on and the driver was fair enough to stand it in the buggy seat.

I'd forgotten all this until I was on another bus the other day and noticed this...I wonder how many buses she had to ask before she got on...