Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Find the odd words out...Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag...

As you might know from earlier posts I love camping. One of the facebook groups I am in shared this link this week to a review in Backpacker Magazine about the Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag. Its a sleeping bag (obviously) with some added benefts like the ability to zip together with another sleeping bag, a toe-to-belly zipper front through to back for um...easy access...and karma sutra positions printed on the inside!

Just two sleeping bags...together. If you don't camp with a partner who has one, you might just have to hope to get lucky!

Depends how flexible you are I suppose, or how quickly the blood rushes to your head...

Rainy days can be taken up learning your positions. (Full instructions not included.)

I would be tempted, but honestly, as we go wild camping in locations with no showers or toilet blocks theres not many people willing to get that close! (and B would hate to have a pink sleeping bag!)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Barbie wants bad things

I've been sucked in to watching True Blood since the first series came out last year, although I'm a little behind and haven't started on season 2 yet! (I definitely prefer to save them all up rather than having to wait a week between episodes!) I've always been taken with vampires so the story had me hooked in straight away, but one of the other key elements that has made the series so great has to be its fantastic theme tune. For those of you out of the loop here it is....

Mad Cap'n Tom

I don't really do politics. Mainly because that means I have to think like a grown-up, which is no fun. Anyway, at the moment you can't move anywhere in the UK without having politics being discussed with or around you as there's an election coming very shortly.

Usually this means that there less on TV, because they show political broadcasts and debates, every roadside hoarding has smarmy faces of one party or another leering from it, and people keep putting flyers through my front door! Thankfully no one has actually come and knocked on the door asking to discuss my voting options, I think I might have some fun if they ever did - see how far they would go to win my vote...I'd have them hopping around the hallway barking like a dog in no time!

The only fun thing that pops up at election times are the oddball independent candidates. Last time one chap in Edinburgh had policies like "I will dress as a vampire every day" and "I will make all politicians live on minimum wage" (although I actually agreed with that last one!)

This election its Londons turn, their most fun candidate is Mad Cap'n Tom. He has policies of making rum tax free, teaching children swordsmanship and gunnery, and sending duct tape to every home. I think he might need to try a little harder, but his facebook page has over 3000 fans and he has received publicity from the BBC news, radio, and several newspapers.

I suppose as you've got a vote you may as well use it!

The piper conundrum

Living in Edinburgh I often (every few seconds!) see and hear pipers busking in the city streets. They seem to do well from the tourists and people like to get their photos taken with them for souveniers of their visit (one friend of mine took this practice one step further and got her photo taken with any person she came across wearing some sort of uniform/outfit and ended up with loads of photos of her with various policemen, nightclub bouncers and a vicar along with the obligatory piper!)

I don't mind bagpipes, they are very noisy so if you are close its often a bit loud, but I have noticed something.....When they play in groups of pipers and/or accompanied by drummers it sounds like a song and is pleasant to listen to, but often when theres just one guy with a set of bagpipes it does sound like a squeezed cat thats possibly managing a slight tune. (the fact I don't know the songs they play probably doesn't help this!) I think I'd be far happier on my daily commute if all the individual guys got together to do their busking as a group instead!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Vote Barbie!

No not in an election or anything! ... I received a comment on a previous post, nothing unusual I know, but the message had me intrigued... heres what it says:

Your blog has been recommended to us as an interviewee's favorite blog!

We would like to do an interview with you about your blog for Blog Interviewer.

We'd like to give you the opportunity to give us some insight on the "person behind the blog."

It would just take a few minutes of your time. The interview form can be submitted online here Submit your interview.

Best regards,
Mike Thomas

At first I thought this might be some odd scam, but intrigue got the better of me so I had a look... It seems to be a site where random bloggers (recommended by others) answer some questions about their blogs and people vote on them. Aww go on then I thought...can't hurt! so my interview was submitted and is now published and ready for votes so come on folks...


Selling what?

As some of you may have seen in previous posts I am a fan of camping. Not the family happy style of camping with amenities and other people everywhere, but the rural wild type where you pick a nice spot in the highlands and stay in the thick of it all. A few days ago Gurn sent me a link to this site, a company who sell wild camping... I totally don't know what to think!

For anyone who doesn't know wild camping is legal in Scotland, provided you follow some common sense and don't camp on someone's doorstep then you can pitch up pretty much anywhere for nothing, so it seems that this company are selling you the idea of wild camping, but with amenities and other campers - wild camping for the scared?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A-Z of AWESOMEness!

Some of you know that I am not only a ninja office monkey who plays the odd game, but I am also considered somewhat of a geek by, well...everyone. The main reason for my high level of geekness is that I love comic books. Yes, almost as much as I love barbie!

So when I saw that Neill Cameron, a comic book artist had done this fabulous A-Z of awesomeness I just had to share.

Personally my favourites would have to be H and Z, although I'm sad Barbie didn't get a mention in B...she has a comic too Neill!!