Sunday, 4 April 2010

A-Z of AWESOMEness!

Some of you know that I am not only a ninja office monkey who plays the odd game, but I am also considered somewhat of a geek by, well...everyone. The main reason for my high level of geekness is that I love comic books. Yes, almost as much as I love barbie!

So when I saw that Neill Cameron, a comic book artist had done this fabulous A-Z of awesomeness I just had to share.

Personally my favourites would have to be H and Z, although I'm sad Barbie didn't get a mention in B...she has a comic too Neill!!


Eci si Cami said...

So what if I like your comics? Very good! There is nothing wrong with that ...
We all have something we like, and each thing we like is its sentimental value.
Chia today I commented on a blog about bloggers who do not give important little things.
Me and my family we like to read whatever theme that blog!
If you write about Obama very well, and if you post a picture of a stone or a flower is equally important. And little things have great importance and often very ......... at least for us!
Greetings to you and respect your readers!

Gurn said...

Damn straight, I've always said you could respect your readers more Barbie! *insert fist waving*

Purple Cow said...

The A-Z comics are a nice concept. Thanks for sharing.