Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Find the odd words out...Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag...

As you might know from earlier posts I love camping. One of the facebook groups I am in shared this link this week to a review in Backpacker Magazine about the Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag. Its a sleeping bag (obviously) with some added benefts like the ability to zip together with another sleeping bag, a toe-to-belly zipper front through to back for um...easy access...and karma sutra positions printed on the inside!

Just two sleeping bags...together. If you don't camp with a partner who has one, you might just have to hope to get lucky!

Depends how flexible you are I suppose, or how quickly the blood rushes to your head...

Rainy days can be taken up learning your positions. (Full instructions not included.)

I would be tempted, but honestly, as we go wild camping in locations with no showers or toilet blocks theres not many people willing to get that close! (and B would hate to have a pink sleeping bag!)

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