Sunday, 12 December 2010

With the winter comes the snow...

..and the awful wellies!

This years snow has brought us the rare chance to see ordinary folks in wellies, and my do they have bad taste! Heres my top (or bottom!) Ten - OK well, Eight, whats a number between friends...

Patriotic Wellies
There really is no need, your feet are not flagpoles!
Checked or Tartan Wellies
You're not rupert the bear

Food related Wellies
Chocolates and licorice allsorts are for eating, not wearing

Football Fan Wellies
Ok, show support, but not this way surely?

Curtain Wellies
They remind me of curtains my Gran had when I was a child

Burberry Wellies
To match the burberry cap, gloves and scarf I suspect...

Impractical Wellies
Heeled Wellies. Whoever came up with this idea certainly needs shot.