Monday, 21 June 2010

Solstice 2010

Its that time of year again. I normally visit a roman hill fort on solstice as its deserted and has great views, this year however I couldn't get a car to drive up and taking the bus would have meant having a fairly long uphill hike. Thankfully B-Man had a brainwave and suggested we try a local piece of coastline...I've never been there before but after a short bus journey (at 03:15!) we settled ourselves on a bench looking out across the sea (ok, its actually an estuary - I'm sure someone will point that out!). Sunrise, as usual, was beautiful and we shared our offerings of strawberries and apple juice with the local seagulls...


Peaking over the horizon...


Friday, 18 June 2010

Best response ever...

Its 04:57am and I'm awake. Its been a long night so far thanks to a nasty headache, but I've slept it off and now I'm up. Obviously then I'm fumbling around in the net reading rubbish news stories...and the responses people post underneath. This one was just a peach....

the initial comment...

Citylimit009 - 18 June 2010 01:05:16

OMG..get a grip katie!!!

U are transparent!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Alex is just a porn in u game.

and a most fantastic response...

Johnnykud - 18 June 2010 01:23:39



'a pawn' and 'porn' are two completely different things... "U" should probably remember that... because at some point you'll end up having an extremely weird game of chess and you won't be able to work out why.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Maybe they read this...

A friend posted a link on FaceBook to an interesting article in Church Times....Yes, you read that right I clicked into a page called Church Times!... It leads on from my post earlier this year about the similarities in symbolism of Christmas and Midwinter...

Paganism is not a distant or very different religion
Christians and Pagans should reconsider the similarities of their beliefs, and forge more understanding says Penelope Fleming-Fido...

Maybe I'll keep a print of this in my bag next time I see protesters near pagan conventions...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Not fair to compare

I often hear people comparing themselves or others with"celebrities" I'm pretty certain everyone has at some point or another. In the last few weeks I've read some interesting articles however, one on about a magazine editor who has admitted photoshopping a model to make her look healthier (i.e bigger!) and another piece that was comparing two people of the same age who don't look it.

The second article/photogallery kinda proves a point that I usually make when I hear people saying "I wish I was a slim and good looking as X celebrity"....Its just not fair to compare normal people who hold down jobs and get mediocre wages to celebrities who have the luxury of spending hours a day in the gym with their personal trainer, thousands on plastic surgery, and have their macrobiotic food prepared by top chefs.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Who says animals can't use tools

This must be a sign of evolution...animals using tools.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Not a quitter...

I use FaceBook. I'm not ashamed of that, it my main contact with my friends and family across the world. Theres been huge amounts of controversy about FaceBooks permission settings etc and privacy which has led to a good number of people binning the site.

I noticed today an article on MSN titled 12 Signs its Time to Quit FaceBook. As often happens, curiosity got me and I had a browse...their points included..

  • You've ever written "First" as a comment on a post. Ummm Nope. Its something I've seen, but have always though infantile.
  • You have a separate account for your baby/animal/plant. Nope again! (I'm winning so far!)
  • You speak to your friends more on FaceBook than in real life. OK so this one is true...but seeing as a great deal of my friends are a fairly long distance away, its one of my few options.
  • You take pictures of yourself. Don't we all anyway??
  • Your mood varies with friend numbers. Definitely a no here. I don't need to add random people just to feel loved.
  • You've ever updated your status from the loo. Ewww please! No! I never want to know if any of my friends have either!
I think I can safely conclude that provided I can put up with its usual "quirks" I'm not someone ready to go back to life without FaceBook.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Eurovision FAIL

No, I haven't misspelt Final...Oh my this years Eurovision was truly cringeworthy. Not just because of the dodgy white/sequinned/spandex or bad haircuts. This year the UK really outdid themselves...I felt sorry for the poor guy they roped in to sing it. (OK so he did apply and took part in a national competition to get the part, but still)

The performance by the chosen chappie, (Josh) was fine, the backing singers, unfortunately failed to hold together and the actual song itself was abysmal.

If you really want proof its here.

We really could only have been worse unleashing the terror that is Jedward upon the least we know they are a joke already!

Barbie hits a not-so-glass ceiling

Well, of sorts anyway....

I quite like my job. I know, its almost unheard of, someone who actually manages to enjoy what they do everyday. Don't get me wrong, some days can be chronic. Ask me those days and you get a different answer.

I do think however that it is always good to keep at least part of an eye on the local job market, and I happened across one today which at first glance I was almost tempted to apply for. Similar to the one I have now, with a little additional responsibility etc, slightly better pay, the list looked good...Inquisitively I looked at the job itself on the recruiting organisations' website - thinking that maybe they had a fuller description or something - then I came across the dreaded line....

"Given the nature of the post it is expected that the post holder will be educated to degree level"


You see, this piece of paper confirming just how many hours of boring lectures I can endure is one of the things I lack. I don't usually consider it a drawback, and honestly until now it hasn't been. It appears however that to progress any further I may have to give in and actually get myself a degree....but what in???

I've found some interesting ones already.....

BA (Hons) degree in Outdoor Adventure With Philosophy
(Being outdoors and thinking about it)
BSc (Hons) Equestrian Psychology (Horse whispering)
Science Fiction Studies MA (Watching Star Wars/Star Trek/Star Gate over and over)
BA (Hons) Complementary Therapy (Candles, Scented Oils, Chocolate)
BA (Hons) Surf Science and Technology (Learning how to catch the perfect wave)

Now those sound like my kind of degrees!

I could of course opt for one from the University of Silly