Friday, 25 April 2008

Just to prove it...

I get grief for my work as people seem to think I sit around and do nothing all day (admittedly it does feel like this for about 4 days a week ;) ) soooo to prove that I do really work, I took a couple of snaps of my desk just before I left today...Its a bombsite.

See, I must do something if I can get my desk into that state!

The Forgotten Sphincter

Oh yes, you read that right.... A bout of hysterics was encountered today at my work when my desk mate (Alan) got a phone call. The call was unusual and was asking about a video that we have on a sister website. The call was the videos author asking for a copy as he had lost the original. So, towards the end of the call Alan asks for the title of the video so that we can find it and is told in a rather flat manner..."The Forgotten Sphincter."...Silence...Alan manages very well not to break into fits of giggles over the phone (We are supposed to be professionals after all) but is almost crying within 2 seconds of the end of the call when he tells me, as unsurprisingly am I.

The next bit of fun came when he had to contact the web team to actually track the video, He took great glee in sending an email with the same title as the video, and when he finally tracked it down called the original enquirers secretary to let her know. Even the Secretary couldn't stop herself from dying down the phone and both of them tried desperately not to mention the videos title (and failed miserably) I on the other hand, was almost under the table at this point trying to breathe.

See and people think that my work is stuffy and boring...

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

And now my thighs hate me...

As I mentioned, I joined a gym last week. I've been desperate to get going with it - after all I am paying for the privilege of making myself all hot and sweaty already - We managed a swim on Saturday and I was supposed to have my induction with a member of the "Fitness Team" on Sunday morning. This is not my idea of what Sunday mornings are for. (Note to self: googling "gym sweaty" with the safesearch off brings up some unexpected images) I managed to drag myself out of bed and get to the gym for 10:30...Only to find out that had I read my appointment card properly I should have been there at 10. ooooops. Oh well. On requesting to rebook I found out that I would have to wait another week until next Sunday unless I managed to change my plans during the week. BMan was booked in for his induction on the Monday so I opted to come back with him. - It meant I had to forgo training, but at least I could get started.

After work on Monday we went straight to the gym and met Terri-Ann, the tiniest personal trainer type lady I have ever seen who was - ass all the staff there seem to be - scarily friendly and nice. She showed us round the machines, and gave us a circuit. Thankfully she let me away with not having to go onto the bikes but I do have a 3-5 minute stint on the wave machine which I can only liken to medieval torture. My achievement for the day was for Terri-Ann to be astonished at my stretchiness when I showed her just how low I have to go to stretch out my hamstrings and she realised that she can't even get herself into that position! ( I knew the years of dancing and ballet when I was a kid would come in handy one day!)

Last night I went back for my first full circuit. It was actually much easier than I imagined, although thanks to the wave machine the walk to the bus stop was agonising! (Admittedly I had gone for a swim afterwards which may have been a bad idea in hindsight) I was a little stiff when I got home, but nothing bad. Today however my thighs simply hate me. The normally easy action of standing from my chair, or walking upstairs makes me wince and moan like an 80 year old! I'm just working hard on convincing myself that next week will be easier and I'll feel better for it.

I'm back again tomorrow night, I'll see how I get on then eh? :)

Saturday, 19 April 2008

busy busy busy

I am not lax. No, really. The last week has been so hectic that I have even managed to not turn my computer on for at least 3 days. Why? well here's a breakdown of my week.

Monday - Ninjutsu - B Man finds out that he has a job
Tuesday - B Mans first day at work - Visit to Greens Gym for a "Tour", We end up joining - Pop into the supermarket next door on the way home - don't get home till about 9pm - have tea, sleep
Wednesday - Ninjustu
Thursday - Supposed to be showing Gurn how to tile his bathroom (read as Tiling Gurns Bathroom) but he hasn't got the tiles yet - I actually got a night in to relax!
Friday - B Man decides that he wants to celebrate his new job so we go to the pub and get home about 3am
Saturday - Get up early (Blasphemy!) and go to the post office to pick up a box that they couldn't deliver - Finally get to the gym for a swim, lunch etc - Go to B Mans sisters for a birthday get together

Phew! it doesn't look like a great deal but its been a hectic week and I really do feel that I've hardly stopped!

I'm off for an induction with the fitness instructor tomorrow morning - another early start (getting up at 9am on a Sunday is just wrong!) It will be worth it, I have been so upbeat today after my swim (and before to be honest , it s just a good day all round!)

I also realised today just how unbothered I am about not currently owning my own place (it has been a big thing for me previously) This was because on my way to the post office I walked past a flat development that I have previously looked at - fantastic place, environmentally sensitive and cheap!, I noticed a "for sale" sign for one of the flats and didn't have the slightest inclination to even have a look, never mind actually buy the place! Its a first!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Lumpy heads

The man sitting in front of me on the bus Friday evening was one of those people who should never have shaved heads...the first thing I noticed when he took his seat was the sheer lumpiness of his head! The biggest lump was at the back so, me being as always curious, I came home and did a little research into phrenology - the now generally debunked "science" of reading someones skull shape to decipher personality traits. Apparently the person in front of me showed a strong affection area....I'm not going to try and find him again however to find this out.

Maybe I should check out some other peoples heads?...I'll let you know about that one.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Lesson for the day

Thanks to a link from a friend, I found this great lesson...

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Fur Babies

Sunday we also paid a quick visit to Pets at Home. This is usually somewhat of a dodgy thing to do as we always want more animals...This time was no exception. Falling prey to the utter cuteness we now have 6 Russian dwarf hamsters to keep the two rats and two cats company in the flat. They are totally adorable and tiny...and extremely fast. I managed to get two photos that didn't turn into blurs, and trying to get all of them would take hours of patient waiting so here's three...The cats are enthralled... then again so am I, they're so watchable.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Barbie plays tourist

DaBMan and myself decided that rather than spend another lazy Sunday bumming around the flat we should get out and do something. This was a good plan, but was unfortunately left up to me to decided on what exactly. I don't do decisions. Ever. It took me lots of random mulling on Saturday night, in between bouts of cleaning and movie watching to finally decide... I'd never been to Dynamic Earth and had been told I'd like it.

Sunday eventually turns up and we manage to leave the flat shortly before lunchtime (this is pretty early for us!) and we head down to Dynamic Earth. It was pretty cool and right up my street (being both a big kid and avid naturalist( no, not the ones who get naked...that's a naturist))
I like the giant scorpion statue, mainly because I would have a total fit if I saw something that size!(That's B Mans hand to give some perspective)...

We stopped for Lunch in the cafe area too where I was strictly informed not to steal the cutlery (By B Man) ... who does he think I am!...ummm well OK...I think he knows all too well!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Retail Therapist

I've never been one for shopping, I'm not much of a normal girl in that respect - well until recently anyway. Over the last couple of months I have found myself shopping like a woman possessed! I simply can't refuse an eBay spree, and even talking with B-Man about getting a new table for the flat and doing up the garden so we can use it when the good weather gets here pulled me out of a rather crappy mood this morning. He even suggested that I should fully cheer myself up by popping into town and having a look round the shops but by the time I was dressed I wouldn't have got there until about half past four so I decided not to....I'm having an eBay trip instead ;)

I'm not convinced that retail therapy is really a great thing as I'll just end up with no money and too much stuff! (As it is I'm considering making B Man give up some of his wardrobe space to me! proof that a girl really can have too many clothes) But for the time being I'm enjoying it so why should I stop?? :)

Thursday, 3 April 2008


I have a Ninjutsu class twice a week and I really enjoy it. Not only is it fun but its social and helps me be a bit fitter(I'm not a fan of normal boring exercise) This week however I seemed to be the most dangerous and accident prone student I have ever seen.... Monday night I landed full force on a colleagues outdoor tabi boot with my shin which has left a massive purple and black bruise down my shin. Last night, I managed to trap my little toe in a hole in the mat halfway through a roll, snapping it out to one side (I now think it may be broken but its a little toe so theres not much that can be done). I also got elbowed in the cheek during a routine attack which was a surprise but hasn't damaged me any. I've somehow managed to bruise two of the knuckles on my right hand so I actually do look like I've been scrapping.

The boys I train with have now gotten used to hitting me as hard as I hit them (Its only taken a year!) which is no bad thing but I'm going to have to work on some conditioning to stop these damn bruises!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Kiddie Licence

OK. I'm fully aware that this may be controversial and even make people hate me but the junkies on my bus today reinforced this for me and if I don't tell the world I might just burst into a small ball of disgust and suddenly become my own grandmother (or at least sound like her!)

I haven't had a bad day today, I'm neither up nor down and generally feeling a bit flat so its hard to be my normal, happy, bouncy self (trust me I'm so happy sometimes I even annoy myself) but the incredible bus junkies still managed to get to me. They weren't the normal crowd, but whole new ones who I have never had the "pleasure" of seeing before today and unfortunately they cemented my occasional view that people should be screened before being allowed to conceive children. (I know that some poor bloke in the paper was getting grief last week for saying the same thing but its my opinion so tough) Don't get me wrong, this wasn't your usual teenage mother with 15 kids, the lady in question today was probably in her 30s (OK maybe 20s if she had aged really, really, badly) but after having her order her children on the bus she proceeded to sit and randomly swear at them for the next half hour, even at one point physically wrestling a balloon off the youngest (probably 3 or 4) and then clout the kid repeatedly for no reason other than it had the audacity to play.

Its only when I see parents acting is such chronic manners that I genuinely think that the communists got at least one thing right...a baby licence really wouldn't be such a bad thing.