Saturday, 19 April 2008

busy busy busy

I am not lax. No, really. The last week has been so hectic that I have even managed to not turn my computer on for at least 3 days. Why? well here's a breakdown of my week.

Monday - Ninjutsu - B Man finds out that he has a job
Tuesday - B Mans first day at work - Visit to Greens Gym for a "Tour", We end up joining - Pop into the supermarket next door on the way home - don't get home till about 9pm - have tea, sleep
Wednesday - Ninjustu
Thursday - Supposed to be showing Gurn how to tile his bathroom (read as Tiling Gurns Bathroom) but he hasn't got the tiles yet - I actually got a night in to relax!
Friday - B Man decides that he wants to celebrate his new job so we go to the pub and get home about 3am
Saturday - Get up early (Blasphemy!) and go to the post office to pick up a box that they couldn't deliver - Finally get to the gym for a swim, lunch etc - Go to B Mans sisters for a birthday get together

Phew! it doesn't look like a great deal but its been a hectic week and I really do feel that I've hardly stopped!

I'm off for an induction with the fitness instructor tomorrow morning - another early start (getting up at 9am on a Sunday is just wrong!) It will be worth it, I have been so upbeat today after my swim (and before to be honest , it s just a good day all round!)

I also realised today just how unbothered I am about not currently owning my own place (it has been a big thing for me previously) This was because on my way to the post office I walked past a flat development that I have previously looked at - fantastic place, environmentally sensitive and cheap!, I noticed a "for sale" sign for one of the flats and didn't have the slightest inclination to even have a look, never mind actually buy the place! Its a first!

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