Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Retail Therapist

I've never been one for shopping, I'm not much of a normal girl in that respect - well until recently anyway. Over the last couple of months I have found myself shopping like a woman possessed! I simply can't refuse an eBay spree, and even talking with B-Man about getting a new table for the flat and doing up the garden so we can use it when the good weather gets here pulled me out of a rather crappy mood this morning. He even suggested that I should fully cheer myself up by popping into town and having a look round the shops but by the time I was dressed I wouldn't have got there until about half past four so I decided not to....I'm having an eBay trip instead ;)

I'm not convinced that retail therapy is really a great thing as I'll just end up with no money and too much stuff! (As it is I'm considering making B Man give up some of his wardrobe space to me! proof that a girl really can have too many clothes) But for the time being I'm enjoying it so why should I stop?? :)

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