Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Barbie plays tourist

DaBMan and myself decided that rather than spend another lazy Sunday bumming around the flat we should get out and do something. This was a good plan, but was unfortunately left up to me to decided on what exactly. I don't do decisions. Ever. It took me lots of random mulling on Saturday night, in between bouts of cleaning and movie watching to finally decide... I'd never been to Dynamic Earth and had been told I'd like it.

Sunday eventually turns up and we manage to leave the flat shortly before lunchtime (this is pretty early for us!) and we head down to Dynamic Earth. It was pretty cool and right up my street (being both a big kid and avid naturalist( no, not the ones who get naked...that's a naturist))
I like the giant scorpion statue, mainly because I would have a total fit if I saw something that size!(That's B Mans hand to give some perspective)...

We stopped for Lunch in the cafe area too where I was strictly informed not to steal the cutlery (By B Man) ... who does he think I am!...ummm well OK...I think he knows all too well!

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Gurn said...

That's a place i've always wanted to visit but I know it's expensive so my plan is to save now and maybe take the boy along with me when he's 3 ;)