Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Kiddie Licence

OK. I'm fully aware that this may be controversial and even make people hate me but the junkies on my bus today reinforced this for me and if I don't tell the world I might just burst into a small ball of disgust and suddenly become my own grandmother (or at least sound like her!)

I haven't had a bad day today, I'm neither up nor down and generally feeling a bit flat so its hard to be my normal, happy, bouncy self (trust me I'm so happy sometimes I even annoy myself) but the incredible bus junkies still managed to get to me. They weren't the normal crowd, but whole new ones who I have never had the "pleasure" of seeing before today and unfortunately they cemented my occasional view that people should be screened before being allowed to conceive children. (I know that some poor bloke in the paper was getting grief last week for saying the same thing but its my opinion so tough) Don't get me wrong, this wasn't your usual teenage mother with 15 kids, the lady in question today was probably in her 30s (OK maybe 20s if she had aged really, really, badly) but after having her order her children on the bus she proceeded to sit and randomly swear at them for the next half hour, even at one point physically wrestling a balloon off the youngest (probably 3 or 4) and then clout the kid repeatedly for no reason other than it had the audacity to play.

Its only when I see parents acting is such chronic manners that I genuinely think that the communists got at least one thing right...a baby licence really wouldn't be such a bad thing.


Gurn said...

Well if there was screening for having kids then I should probably think about getting a membership to the screening place - money and the missus' opinion are the only two things that will stop me having lots of kids :p

But seriously, it annoys me when I see women AND men crushing their kid's' childhood and being wankers of parents both from a parent's point of view and also a soon-to-be teacher's pov but how about you have a parent's licence instead?

You could work undercover for the parent's undercover fighting force (PUFF) :)

B said...

I don't know that some communist nations had anything right, given their reasoning for having limitations on the number (and often sex) of a child, but I see the point.

I've been whining about the pollution of our gene pool by neds, idiots and generally those who are unfit to walk the civilised earth for years. In those whinges, somewhere, was mention of a licence to have children.

Now, I'm a most definitely a Liberal (and in american terms, a Liberal Democrat) if I had to catagorised, but I absolutely feel there should be some controls placed on those who can and can't have kids.

The amount of completely unruly, unreasonable, and downright incompetant parents out there is nothing short of astounding.

I'm with you on this one TBarb ( :-) )Let the marches commence!

@Gurn: I dont understand your mentioned difference between a baby licence and a parent licence?

Gurn said...

Well we don't stop them breeding but we can stop them raising their sprogs if they're bad parents because it's their parenting that screws up the kids.

Did you not know that's why Honda are building better and better ASIMO robots? ASMIO will raise kids from banned parents :D

Twisted Barbie said...

Problem there would be that if the people were still allowed to breed but had their kids taken away there would be an awful lot more kids in care which wouldn't be very helpful. If the permission was needed to actually have a child in the first place then it would solve that problem.

B said...

Absolutely TBarb! Tackle the problem at the source I say!

After all, do we really want to be accosted by 25 drooling babies, in brown coats, with a dog, a cup and a sign asking for spare change whilst walking along Princes St?


Gurn said...

great so now I have to fill in forms to be allowed to create my unholy army of The Children of the Gurn?

That's just nasty