Monday, 26 September 2011

Does this mean the sky will fall?

Scientists "break" the speed of light - and Einsteins laws of physics

Whats also worth noting is that the people who have thought to leave comments on this article, obviously speaking as learned individuals still can't spell (or even use a spellchecker!)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Barbie takes a holiday Part 2 - Perge

To some people Perge is a big pile of rocks. I think my neices thought so after the first half an hour in the scorching heat! I thought it was fantastic site however, I could have spent the whole day there. If you're interested in the historic info wiki is a helpful place! I took more photos in two hours here than the whole holiday!...heres a few....

Stonemasons mark?....or graffitti of a hammer?

Theres a lot like this, random piles of stone and columns

The Acropolis. The shadowy figure at the top is B-Man. I think my sister (posing at the bottom) didn't want to walk any further by this stage.

Site map - Its a big place!

Mosaic floors

No, I can't read it possibly says "Claudius woz ere"

This isn't me trying to be artistic...The texture of the rock in the bath house was really odd!

Tower gateway

More Columns...
Fantastic place - I'd like to go again to see how it develops (theyre still uncovering and reconstructing the whole place)

Barbie takes a holiday Part 3 - Dim Magarasi (Dim Cave)

One of the trips out we had was to Dim Magarasi. Again, this was a place I enjoyed more than my nieces....I heard one of the mutter "seen one stalagmite youve seen them all..." on the way out the door....Again, I took an awful lot of photos, although I was in constant fear of dropping my phone over the edge of the walkways!


I'm not sure that this isn't a flap of skin...maybe its rock made of of teradactyl?

Frozen waterfall of rock

Rock bubbles...and the obligatory coins that people are insistent on thorwing into every possible body of water

Castle peak (look closely)

The view from the hills

This photo doesn't really show quite how far down it was!

Eerie or what? I could almost see the taglines for movies!

Another great place, its very dark on the walkways, and theres open stairs with long drops underneath them so probably not for the feint hearted! - like my sister who almost gave up halfway round!

Barbie takes a holiday Part 1 - I Survived!

Oh its been quiet hasn't it? Probably because for the last few weeks I have been either working extra hours because of a planned holiday or that I've been on holiday! I'm back now though and have a few posts up my sleeve - once I've uploaded the photographs!

Anyway, my first overseas holiday in 21 years is now over. I went to visit my parents in Turkey with B-Man, my sister, her husband and their children. I wasn't quite sure what to expect to be honest, I had heard many things about turkey and many of them weren't all that great. What I experienced however was totally different! The people we met were fantastic and I saw a side to the Turkish way of life that I can sincerely appreciate.

I was a bit concerned that I would suffer badly in the heat as I have very fair skin that burns quickly even in the UK, I managed to slap on enough factor 50 sunblock to stave off the sun (until the last day when I was caught out by the fact it was cool and rainy - I still managed to get a little burned) It was hot and for the first few days I really felt it. I was just starting to acclimatise when it was time to leave!

I was also a little concerned that a whole week with my parents may be a bit too long for comfort but we got on relatively well with only a few minor squabbles that you'd expect from family. In short, I had a great time and I'll definitely go back again. I certainly have a new found appreciation of the country!