Saturday, 24 September 2011

Barbie takes a holiday Part 3 - Dim Magarasi (Dim Cave)

One of the trips out we had was to Dim Magarasi. Again, this was a place I enjoyed more than my nieces....I heard one of the mutter "seen one stalagmite youve seen them all..." on the way out the door....Again, I took an awful lot of photos, although I was in constant fear of dropping my phone over the edge of the walkways!


I'm not sure that this isn't a flap of skin...maybe its rock made of of teradactyl?

Frozen waterfall of rock

Rock bubbles...and the obligatory coins that people are insistent on thorwing into every possible body of water

Castle peak (look closely)

The view from the hills

This photo doesn't really show quite how far down it was!

Eerie or what? I could almost see the taglines for movies!

Another great place, its very dark on the walkways, and theres open stairs with long drops underneath them so probably not for the feint hearted! - like my sister who almost gave up halfway round!

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