Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oh the Excitement!


Tonight was the first part of the semi finals. Of course I had to watch, Eurovision is the definition of kitsch and I love it!

17 Acts, some good some bad - as expected. In case you missed it - or in fact if you have a life or better things to do this evening (like count your toe hairs) - heres a very short rundown...

- I'm sure this is just a UK club song? Boring!
Russia - Can I be excused for thinking this was the Irish entry?
Estonia - This guy wants to be Jarvis Cocker
Slovakia - A Nymph and her dancing trees...joined by a fairy godmother
Finland - Accordion playing, skippy, clappy song with some a overactive dancer
Latvia - Oh dear - this lady couldn't hit the right note with a car!
Serbia - I'm bewildered. thats all I can say...

- Wannabe american rocker?
Poland - Odd song, but interesting dance with a headlock move and clothes that just fall away!
Belgium - One man and his Guitar - I actually like this song (so he'll never win!)

Malta - Only noteable for the strange bird man dancer
Albania - with a Gary Glitter lookalike on the rock violin
Greece - OOOMPAH! (its going to become my newest catchphrase!) an odd mix of young guys with nice tattoos and an old man in long johns

Portugal - I'm sure this is a Disney movie song...
Macedonia - Disturbing and mixed up - a middle aged man with some exotic dancers and a rapper
Belarus - Sequins everywhere...oh and some dodgy pop up wings for added cheese
Iceland - To remind the world of the recent upheaval caused by Iceland their contestants dress made her look like a volcano!

Theres more on Thursday, I know you can't wait!

Go on, theres still time left to grab your towel!

Today - 25th May for those who aren't quite with it -is Towel Day. A day to celebrate the life and work of the great Douglas Adams. What's the idea? Everyone should carry a towel with them everywhere. There's a website all about what goes on and why (in case you've never heard of Douglas Adams) right here

This got me thinking however, some other great authors have other days named in their memory, maybe we should have a few more...I had some ideas...

Anne Rice/Bram Stoker - Vampire Day (maybe which author you supported would be dependent on your outfit)
J.R.R.Tolkien - Hobbit Day
Terry Pratchett - Ankh Morpork Day (this opens up a whole lot of costume options!)
Shakespeare - Men in Tights and Ruffs Day?

I was going to provide you pictures but I think that may be best left to your imagination!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Careful at the back!

In the last few days a video of a 12 year old singing a Lady Gaga song has blown people away on YouTube. So much so that he has already been on tv shows in the states. I can see the appeal, the kids got some voice - although I don't know the song (and I can't stand Lady Gaga) so I have little to compare it against.

What I did think was great however was the faces of the girls sitting behind him who look thoroughly bored and unimpressed the whole way through. Especially the face that can be seen between the boys body and the piano....

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Veiw from the bus...Haircuts

I spend quite a lot of time on the bus. At least 1.5 hours a day, sometimes more depending on traffic. so obviously I get to see all sorts of things. One of my most enjoyable pastimes it looking at other peoples hair...I know its a little odd but sometimes people have such unique looks.

So here are a couple of my favourite snaps of hair on the bus...

1. Detailed updo in an orange rinse..


2. Shaved and dyed?? aim for the hair not the scalp...

Finally, This isn't someones hair, but instead the horrid greasy smear left on the window from someones head...altogether now....Ewwww

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Paranoia kicks in...

Its getting late, and I'm playing games on Facebook when I notice in one column a box....Facebook has become big brother and wants to know your every move....

Lonely?? Try this....

Possibly the strangest, saddest idea out there...

The Girlfriend Body Pillow

To snuggle with when you're feeling all lonely. Apparently this is the deluxe version, I'm worried what the standard version looks like!

What I really want to know is why does it have a marigold glove on???

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

If it was signposted....

This story seems to have sparked some outrage, but if you look at it from this angle its not such a bad idea.... If somewhere is signposted as a notorious area, people who didn't want to do that sort of thing would know to avoid it wouldn't they?

Something else for those lovely counsellors to think about....how best to advertise the local dogging/cruising site??

Songs of Summer

With Beltane over, we're now officially in summer! I'm not a huge fan myself, I'm usually too hot, and everyone thinks I should be wearing pastels (soooo not going to happen!) On the way home tonight however I heard a car go past with its windows down and music blaring. Not unusual I hear you say... No, not really the only thing that made this noticeable was the choice of song, they were playing Place your Hands by Reef, an older song that was in the charts in 1996 (Ooh yeah I'm feeling old again!) which just made me feel all summery!

For anyone whose never heard it, here it is...

This kinda got me thinking of any other songs that have the same effect...So here are the best I could think of... Open your windows and turn up the speakers, you'll be wearing shorts in no time!

Wipe Out - Sufaris

Schools Out - Alice Cooper

Give It Away - Red Hot Chilli Peppers