Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Go on, theres still time left to grab your towel!

Today - 25th May for those who aren't quite with it -is Towel Day. A day to celebrate the life and work of the great Douglas Adams. What's the idea? Everyone should carry a towel with them everywhere. There's a website all about what goes on and why (in case you've never heard of Douglas Adams) right here

This got me thinking however, some other great authors have other days named in their memory, maybe we should have a few more...I had some ideas...

Anne Rice/Bram Stoker - Vampire Day (maybe which author you supported would be dependent on your outfit)
J.R.R.Tolkien - Hobbit Day
Terry Pratchett - Ankh Morpork Day (this opens up a whole lot of costume options!)
Shakespeare - Men in Tights and Ruffs Day?

I was going to provide you pictures but I think that may be best left to your imagination!

1 comment:

Gurn said...

Tolkein - Frodo Day.

A national holiday where we get to drink to how annoying Frodo is!