Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oh the Excitement!


Tonight was the first part of the semi finals. Of course I had to watch, Eurovision is the definition of kitsch and I love it!

17 Acts, some good some bad - as expected. In case you missed it - or in fact if you have a life or better things to do this evening (like count your toe hairs) - heres a very short rundown...

- I'm sure this is just a UK club song? Boring!
Russia - Can I be excused for thinking this was the Irish entry?
Estonia - This guy wants to be Jarvis Cocker
Slovakia - A Nymph and her dancing trees...joined by a fairy godmother
Finland - Accordion playing, skippy, clappy song with some a overactive dancer
Latvia - Oh dear - this lady couldn't hit the right note with a car!
Serbia - I'm bewildered. thats all I can say...

- Wannabe american rocker?
Poland - Odd song, but interesting dance with a headlock move and clothes that just fall away!
Belgium - One man and his Guitar - I actually like this song (so he'll never win!)

Malta - Only noteable for the strange bird man dancer
Albania - with a Gary Glitter lookalike on the rock violin
Greece - OOOMPAH! (its going to become my newest catchphrase!) an odd mix of young guys with nice tattoos and an old man in long johns

Portugal - I'm sure this is a Disney movie song...
Macedonia - Disturbing and mixed up - a middle aged man with some exotic dancers and a rapper
Belarus - Sequins everywhere...oh and some dodgy pop up wings for added cheese
Iceland - To remind the world of the recent upheaval caused by Iceland their contestants dress made her look like a volcano!

Theres more on Thursday, I know you can't wait!

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Gurn said...

Greece - I looked for the tats but couldn't see any plus I was totally not expecting that kinda song after watching over a minute's gothy build-up. Just looked like some dad and a scout troop.. oh yeah and some guy who needs violin lessons.

Not a patch on Sakis from last year ;)