Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Barbie hits a not-so-glass ceiling

Well, of sorts anyway....

I quite like my job. I know, its almost unheard of, someone who actually manages to enjoy what they do everyday. Don't get me wrong, some days can be chronic. Ask me those days and you get a different answer.

I do think however that it is always good to keep at least part of an eye on the local job market, and I happened across one today which at first glance I was almost tempted to apply for. Similar to the one I have now, with a little additional responsibility etc, slightly better pay, the list looked good...Inquisitively I looked at the job itself on the recruiting organisations' website - thinking that maybe they had a fuller description or something - then I came across the dreaded line....

"Given the nature of the post it is expected that the post holder will be educated to degree level"


You see, this piece of paper confirming just how many hours of boring lectures I can endure is one of the things I lack. I don't usually consider it a drawback, and honestly until now it hasn't been. It appears however that to progress any further I may have to give in and actually get myself a degree....but what in???

I've found some interesting ones already.....

BA (Hons) degree in Outdoor Adventure With Philosophy
(Being outdoors and thinking about it)
BSc (Hons) Equestrian Psychology (Horse whispering)
Science Fiction Studies MA (Watching Star Wars/Star Trek/Star Gate over and over)
BA (Hons) Complementary Therapy (Candles, Scented Oils, Chocolate)
BA (Hons) Surf Science and Technology (Learning how to catch the perfect wave)

Now those sound like my kind of degrees!

I could of course opt for one from the University of Silly

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