Friday, 24 October 2008

Fancy dress♦

I like Halloween, not just from the religious aspect for me but I like the silly fun of it all, dressing up and parties and giving kids sweets, you know the expensive tacky fun bit. This year we have been invited to a Halloween party by one of my workmates. I'm looking forward to it and both BMan and I had chosen our outfits which I was planning to make (they weren't available to buy in the required sizes) With me being ill this week though I have yet to put anything together and time is chasing forward so we are possibly having to rethink our costumes so we can buy them or put them together from stuff we already own.

The problem I am having is finding some inspiration, I am very aware that many peoples ideas of a Halloween costume is the stuff I might choose to go clubbing in so I don't want to look like its just another night out for me. I've been looking at the standard fancy dress on some of the sites and so far I am drawn towards these:

Snow White
Red Riding Hood

Alice in Wonderland

Greek Princess
Dorothy(wizard of oz)
Of course I am under no pretence that I am not a size 10 like these models and the costumes will look different but theyre the best looking ones available. I'll choose one eventually!


I've not been well this week, I had a sore throat last Friday and then spent almost the whole weekend in bed to try and get rid of the emerging cold. It didn't work. I went to work on Monday, due to be running an exam, only to be sent back to my desk unfit for that duty. I should have gone home then but I persevered and stayed for the rest of the day. I even pushed myself to attend an hour of training Monday night but come Tuesday morning I was in no fit state to got to work.

So I've spent the rest of this week sitting about the flat, generally miserable and feeling sorry for myself getting frustrated that every time I even open the front door I cough myself into oblivion and struggle to breathe. I tried to go to the shops today to get some supplies for the weekend but still only managed to get to the corner before giving up. The crazy thing is that when I'm inside in the warm I'm hardly coughing at all, just a little tight chested so I feel like a big fraud until I try to go out!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dancing to the music in my head

A while back I got a new Mp3 player remember?

I use it mainly for the gym and the odd bus trip when I'm alone, over the last few days I have used it quite a bit and I have been amused to notice how other people around you sometimes seem to dance to the music only I can hear. The best example was watching two older ladies talking on the bus, one was nodding to her friend completely in time with the song for probably about 30 seconds.

Maybe I should stop staring at strangers on the bus?..

Saturday, 4 October 2008


I've taken on a new project at work recently and part of that is to set up an html newsletter for our participants. I've done a little research, and people have sent me some samples, one of which came in today from the evangelical alliance. (obviously not a newsletter I would normally receive) but I was highly amused by one of the articles on their recent addition of GodBlogs. I couldn't help myself but take a peek. They weren't quite as interesting as I had imagined however and simply had posts on the ten modern commandments being online etc.

What a disappointment! I was half hoping to find blogs on what its like to be a god...

Jack of all trades

I'm not academic.

At all.

I rarely even think about it, I'm a naturally clever person with an above average amount of "smarts". No one ever really questions my abilities so it never comes up and if it does its because they are usually surprised that I don't have a great education. If you really want to know how bad it is, I have 2 gcses above a C (and one of those is an arts subject). I've never really felt the need to get the bits of paper that back up my usual claims of genius :)

Tonight I did though, BMan and Gurn were talking about computer stuff, which is a subject that I'm usually very comfortable with, but on this occasion they were talking about the stuff kids learn in computing at school - a subject they both studied and my school barely even offered - (we learned about tractors and crop rotation instead) I'm completely self taught when it comes to anything technical and being as I am considered the IT expert in my workplace thats probably somewhat of an achievement but there was a lot of stuff that I had to admit not having the foggiest about which made me feel like a total novice.

It wasn't a nice feeling, and certainly not one I'm used to (although probably penance for knowing what a quince was earlier in the evening). Its something that I'm going to have to get used to, especially as I'm not going to go back to school anytime soon. I guess I'll just have to get my reading head on a study up on another random subject to make myself feel better ;)