Saturday, 10 May 2008

Tiny toys

B-Man bought himself an iPhone back in April. A short time later the price of them dropped by £100, so this week he got a nice credit note from Carphone Warehouse for £100. I didn't know this but they price check and if you bought something at a higher price the month before they will send you back the difference... sweet :) I accompanied him to the store to spend his cash (it expires in June) Needless to say theres not that much you can buy in carphone warehouse past phones and accessories. So B Man piled himself up with extras for his phone and still had some money left. My Mp3 player had given up the ghost when I joined the gym so he treated me to a new one... an Ipod shuffle. I was a little gutted that they didn't have any purple ones in stock...but its rather funky silver instead and soooo tiny... (see below, although its worth noting that I don't have giant hands either!)
Now all I have to do is put some tunes on it!

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