Thursday, 22 May 2008

Nerves and semi naked people..

I've been helping run exams at work this week. I secretly enjoy them, I would possibly take the opportunity to work in that department if a good enough job came up (It won't because I'm just too damn expensive for them and they'd have to deal with me reorganising their whole schedule) The only down side is the travelling (fancy a month in India followed by two weeks in Singapore and a week in Hong Kong?) and the early starts (even as a helper this week I've had to be in an hour earlier than normal)

Anyway, I had been "Volunteered" by my boss to do two days this week. Tuesday was the best as I got to order the candidates around which I great fun as they all have god complexes. I walked in to find my co worker for the day with the biggest grin. I found out what the big deal was when I went through to the main room to find a young man (student age) laying on a bed wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy boxers at one end of the room and a young lady at the other end of the room in a vest and shorts. These were our actors for the day. I being my usual self totally ignored their virtual nakedness and chatted away quite happily to them both, telling them what was for lunch, how many more candidates they still had left the prod at them, and checking if they needed blankets - it was very cold in there because they were in the same room as other medical specimens.

Today I was registering the candidates so I had lots of fun confiscating mobile phones (and promising to sell them on eBay) and generally winding the candidates up (In the nicest way, I was trying to take their minds off the nerve wrecking 2 hours they had ahead of them and making them relax a little) Some of them seemed to appreciate it anyway :) and I had fun. My Colleagues were certainly amused by the rapport I had with the previously mentioned male model...As he walked in the door and said Hi, I very loudly greeted him with "What time do you call this?? Get down those stairs and get those clothes off!" He came back up for a chat at Lunchtime (Fully clothed I must add) and commented on how nice it was to be spoken to like a human rather than just a limb to be prodded at by trainee doctors.

So maybe I do have a way with people... dressed or not!

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