Thursday, 1 May 2008

Barbie and the Secret Garden

B-Man and I moved to our flat in November. At the time the landlord (who's a lovely chap but as proactive as a rock) mentioned about the garden, He promised to replace the old rusty washing poles and fix it up. We've known it was there but due to the wonderful Scottish weather being as it is haven't really had a chance to get out there and even look at it, never mind do anything. I ventured out in February and discovered the shed, which mysteriously has a mattress and some mirrors in it but not much else.

I am desperate to be able to put washing out and have a BBQ area so, seeing as I have a few days off work and not much else to do (Gurns bathroom tiling aside) I went out and got stuck in today. I think I was pretty good, and although It doesn't look much yet I have actually achieved quite a bit :)

I found that we do have a garden path...not really where I thought it was, but its there (and now uncovered) I raked away as much of the old cut grass as I could (which has left some unsightly bald patches but it'll get there) and generally tidied up. This all took about 4 hours! There seems to be borders and flowers (lots of bluebells) but in the oddest places - mainly in one area that I thought was a path!

I think I'm going to have to call it quits on the washing poles though... after speaking to our neighbour i think cutting them down at the base and putting the grass back over the top is a far better idea than trying to dig up the mass of concrete they're embedded in!

I might have it finished by the end of summer....maybe

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