Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Life without net

Ohh I don't know how I survived!!! We have had ongoing problems with our Internet pretty much since we moved in. It had a fun game of randomly loosing connection for a minute or two at a time. We tried going to Sky to fix it, (thinking it was in ISP problem) and after poor B-Man repeatedly going through the troubleshooting with someone reading from a script until getting through to a minorly knowledgeable human they sent us a new router (it only took 6 months!) to our dismay the problem kept on going. During this time we got a new phone too after the other one decided that it didn't want to work anymore. Suddenly it was like someone switched a light bulb on over our heads....The new phone had periods of not working too.....and they coincided with the net downtime...ahhhhhhhhhhh. Now I get it.

I managed to get through to BT faults and found the only people who work for BT who are actually helpful!! I reported the problem and after they realised that a block had been incorrectly left on the line, they got their engineers on the job. Two days later I hadn't heard anything so called back. "Oh its fixed." Ummm no. That would be why I still don't have a phone line or a net connection then? The faults lady agreed that maybe it wasn't fixed then and sent the problem back to the engineers.

Friday whilst tiling Gurns bathroom and covered in adhesive, I missed a call from a random unknown number. B-Man rang them for a status report on Saturday only to find out that an engineer was booked to come out top the house on Tuesday Morning. (No problem, but as Monday was a bank holiday I had to text my boss and beg for an extra morning off! Luckily my boss is a particularly understanding lady - obviously as she puts up with me!)

Ahhh so today, after 5 solid days of no net connection the BT engineer came round. After about 2-3 hours the phone is back on and we have connection!!! I'm not sure what I've been doing to cope with no Internet but I must admit I barely noticed. There was only a few times I wanted to check something until I remembered that couldn't.

I never used to be able to cope without a net connection for more than a day but it was actually quite a welcome break - not spending every waking moment staring at a PC screen!

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