Friday, 24 October 2008


I've not been well this week, I had a sore throat last Friday and then spent almost the whole weekend in bed to try and get rid of the emerging cold. It didn't work. I went to work on Monday, due to be running an exam, only to be sent back to my desk unfit for that duty. I should have gone home then but I persevered and stayed for the rest of the day. I even pushed myself to attend an hour of training Monday night but come Tuesday morning I was in no fit state to got to work.

So I've spent the rest of this week sitting about the flat, generally miserable and feeling sorry for myself getting frustrated that every time I even open the front door I cough myself into oblivion and struggle to breathe. I tried to go to the shops today to get some supplies for the weekend but still only managed to get to the corner before giving up. The crazy thing is that when I'm inside in the warm I'm hardly coughing at all, just a little tight chested so I feel like a big fraud until I try to go out!

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