Friday, 24 October 2008

Fancy dress♦

I like Halloween, not just from the religious aspect for me but I like the silly fun of it all, dressing up and parties and giving kids sweets, you know the expensive tacky fun bit. This year we have been invited to a Halloween party by one of my workmates. I'm looking forward to it and both BMan and I had chosen our outfits which I was planning to make (they weren't available to buy in the required sizes) With me being ill this week though I have yet to put anything together and time is chasing forward so we are possibly having to rethink our costumes so we can buy them or put them together from stuff we already own.

The problem I am having is finding some inspiration, I am very aware that many peoples ideas of a Halloween costume is the stuff I might choose to go clubbing in so I don't want to look like its just another night out for me. I've been looking at the standard fancy dress on some of the sites and so far I am drawn towards these:

Snow White
Red Riding Hood

Alice in Wonderland

Greek Princess
Dorothy(wizard of oz)
Of course I am under no pretence that I am not a size 10 like these models and the costumes will look different but theyre the best looking ones available. I'll choose one eventually!


Gurn said...

Red Riding Hood would be a good idea although I'm sorry but all those outfits are just a little too tame for my liking - it's Halloween! We should be scaring the shit outta kids :D

This one is better ;)

Twisted Barbie said...

Thts true, but seeing as I'm not a size 10 and have never worn a bikini in my life I really cant see me going for an outfit like that one...
and I scare children an a regular basis halloween is meant to be a time for dressing up as something you're not isn't it? hmm maybe I should go as a catholic virgin...?