Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Not a quitter...

I use FaceBook. I'm not ashamed of that, it my main contact with my friends and family across the world. Theres been huge amounts of controversy about FaceBooks permission settings etc and privacy which has led to a good number of people binning the site.

I noticed today an article on MSN titled 12 Signs its Time to Quit FaceBook. As often happens, curiosity got me and I had a browse...their points included..

  • You've ever written "First" as a comment on a post. Ummm Nope. Its something I've seen, but have always though infantile.
  • You have a separate account for your baby/animal/plant. Nope again! (I'm winning so far!)
  • You speak to your friends more on FaceBook than in real life. OK so this one is true...but seeing as a great deal of my friends are a fairly long distance away, its one of my few options.
  • You take pictures of yourself. Don't we all anyway??
  • Your mood varies with friend numbers. Definitely a no here. I don't need to add random people just to feel loved.
  • You've ever updated your status from the loo. Ewww please! No! I never want to know if any of my friends have either!
I think I can safely conclude that provided I can put up with its usual "quirks" I'm not someone ready to go back to life without FaceBook.

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Lady Wordsmith said...

I'm with you there. Facebook is woefully misunderstood (and possibly misused?) by lots of people. Personally, I wouldn't be without it. It's been great for getting back in touch with people that I'd lost contact with - and I hate when people say 'oh, you lost contact for a reason, it means you didn't really like them anyway'! Tt, people should just mind their own business really. I too have family and friends that are not within visiting distance. And what's marvellous about facebook is that you can talk to loads of people all at once, and they can all get to know each other too.

I'm sticking with Facebook - it makes the world a much brighter place :)