Saturday, 24 September 2011

Barbie takes a holiday Part 2 - Perge

To some people Perge is a big pile of rocks. I think my neices thought so after the first half an hour in the scorching heat! I thought it was fantastic site however, I could have spent the whole day there. If you're interested in the historic info wiki is a helpful place! I took more photos in two hours here than the whole holiday!...heres a few....

Stonemasons mark?....or graffitti of a hammer?

Theres a lot like this, random piles of stone and columns

The Acropolis. The shadowy figure at the top is B-Man. I think my sister (posing at the bottom) didn't want to walk any further by this stage.

Site map - Its a big place!

Mosaic floors

No, I can't read it possibly says "Claudius woz ere"

This isn't me trying to be artistic...The texture of the rock in the bath house was really odd!

Tower gateway

More Columns...
Fantastic place - I'd like to go again to see how it develops (theyre still uncovering and reconstructing the whole place)

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