Friday, 25 April 2008

The Forgotten Sphincter

Oh yes, you read that right.... A bout of hysterics was encountered today at my work when my desk mate (Alan) got a phone call. The call was unusual and was asking about a video that we have on a sister website. The call was the videos author asking for a copy as he had lost the original. So, towards the end of the call Alan asks for the title of the video so that we can find it and is told in a rather flat manner..."The Forgotten Sphincter."...Silence...Alan manages very well not to break into fits of giggles over the phone (We are supposed to be professionals after all) but is almost crying within 2 seconds of the end of the call when he tells me, as unsurprisingly am I.

The next bit of fun came when he had to contact the web team to actually track the video, He took great glee in sending an email with the same title as the video, and when he finally tracked it down called the original enquirers secretary to let her know. Even the Secretary couldn't stop herself from dying down the phone and both of them tried desperately not to mention the videos title (and failed miserably) I on the other hand, was almost under the table at this point trying to breathe.

See and people think that my work is stuffy and boring...

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