Wednesday, 23 April 2008

And now my thighs hate me...

As I mentioned, I joined a gym last week. I've been desperate to get going with it - after all I am paying for the privilege of making myself all hot and sweaty already - We managed a swim on Saturday and I was supposed to have my induction with a member of the "Fitness Team" on Sunday morning. This is not my idea of what Sunday mornings are for. (Note to self: googling "gym sweaty" with the safesearch off brings up some unexpected images) I managed to drag myself out of bed and get to the gym for 10:30...Only to find out that had I read my appointment card properly I should have been there at 10. ooooops. Oh well. On requesting to rebook I found out that I would have to wait another week until next Sunday unless I managed to change my plans during the week. BMan was booked in for his induction on the Monday so I opted to come back with him. - It meant I had to forgo training, but at least I could get started.

After work on Monday we went straight to the gym and met Terri-Ann, the tiniest personal trainer type lady I have ever seen who was - ass all the staff there seem to be - scarily friendly and nice. She showed us round the machines, and gave us a circuit. Thankfully she let me away with not having to go onto the bikes but I do have a 3-5 minute stint on the wave machine which I can only liken to medieval torture. My achievement for the day was for Terri-Ann to be astonished at my stretchiness when I showed her just how low I have to go to stretch out my hamstrings and she realised that she can't even get herself into that position! ( I knew the years of dancing and ballet when I was a kid would come in handy one day!)

Last night I went back for my first full circuit. It was actually much easier than I imagined, although thanks to the wave machine the walk to the bus stop was agonising! (Admittedly I had gone for a swim afterwards which may have been a bad idea in hindsight) I was a little stiff when I got home, but nothing bad. Today however my thighs simply hate me. The normally easy action of standing from my chair, or walking upstairs makes me wince and moan like an 80 year old! I'm just working hard on convincing myself that next week will be easier and I'll feel better for it.

I'm back again tomorrow night, I'll see how I get on then eh? :)


Gurn said...

I met a personal trainer once.. well, took his job actually (not at the gym - at my last work) - he was an arrogant arse who loved his own reflection and kept coming back to ask me to make him a webshite.

Oh, speak with da-B-man - he'll show you how to shove those images into your blog as opposed to having to click them.

Twisted Barbie said...

Cheeky mare. I know how to do the images, I just like making people click things. ;)