Thursday, 3 April 2008


I have a Ninjutsu class twice a week and I really enjoy it. Not only is it fun but its social and helps me be a bit fitter(I'm not a fan of normal boring exercise) This week however I seemed to be the most dangerous and accident prone student I have ever seen.... Monday night I landed full force on a colleagues outdoor tabi boot with my shin which has left a massive purple and black bruise down my shin. Last night, I managed to trap my little toe in a hole in the mat halfway through a roll, snapping it out to one side (I now think it may be broken but its a little toe so theres not much that can be done). I also got elbowed in the cheek during a routine attack which was a surprise but hasn't damaged me any. I've somehow managed to bruise two of the knuckles on my right hand so I actually do look like I've been scrapping.

The boys I train with have now gotten used to hitting me as hard as I hit them (Its only taken a year!) which is no bad thing but I'm going to have to work on some conditioning to stop these damn bruises!

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