Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mad Cap'n Tom

I don't really do politics. Mainly because that means I have to think like a grown-up, which is no fun. Anyway, at the moment you can't move anywhere in the UK without having politics being discussed with or around you as there's an election coming very shortly.

Usually this means that there less on TV, because they show political broadcasts and debates, every roadside hoarding has smarmy faces of one party or another leering from it, and people keep putting flyers through my front door! Thankfully no one has actually come and knocked on the door asking to discuss my voting options, I think I might have some fun if they ever did - see how far they would go to win my vote...I'd have them hopping around the hallway barking like a dog in no time!

The only fun thing that pops up at election times are the oddball independent candidates. Last time one chap in Edinburgh had policies like "I will dress as a vampire every day" and "I will make all politicians live on minimum wage" (although I actually agreed with that last one!)

This election its Londons turn, their most fun candidate is Mad Cap'n Tom. He has policies of making rum tax free, teaching children swordsmanship and gunnery, and sending duct tape to every home. I think he might need to try a little harder, but his facebook page has over 3000 fans and he has received publicity from the BBC news, radio, and several newspapers.

I suppose as you've got a vote you may as well use it!

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Gurn said...

This is the dangerous part. After the power of Facebook got the RATM track to Christmas number one, who knows where Tom could end up!

Proof voting doesn't work/people are idiots
1. George W Bush got into power TWICE
2. The British National Party won a seat