Sunday, 11 April 2010

Selling what?

As some of you may have seen in previous posts I am a fan of camping. Not the family happy style of camping with amenities and other people everywhere, but the rural wild type where you pick a nice spot in the highlands and stay in the thick of it all. A few days ago Gurn sent me a link to this site, a company who sell wild camping... I totally don't know what to think!

For anyone who doesn't know wild camping is legal in Scotland, provided you follow some common sense and don't camp on someone's doorstep then you can pitch up pretty much anywhere for nothing, so it seems that this company are selling you the idea of wild camping, but with amenities and other campers - wild camping for the scared?

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No Ordinary Housewife said...

OMG I didnt know that. I saw some campers down by the beach the other day and I had thought how strange that they weren't in an allocated area. Now I know why. Living in Scotland tho not originally from here. Loving your blog btw.