Thursday, 30 July 2009

Top 5 Mashups

Mashup (mash-up) "One song to the tune of another", A combination of two songs.

Finding 5 mashups that were 1. any good, and 2. contained two songs that I actually knew (and at least one I kinda liked), was a bit of a challenge really, but here are my 5 Top Mashups....

Nirvana Vs Rick Astley

Queen Vs Outkast

Britney Spears Vs Gwen Stefani (Yes it's Britney. I'm sorry. Really, really sorry...but it does work so it's worth a listen)

Snow Patrol Vs The Police

Korn Vs Coldplay


Gurn said...

WOW! Who woulda thought Korn could sound so good!? :D

Good ol' Rick Astley though ;)

Twisted Barbie said...

I Like Korn. You know that though - You might like the original version of the song too (twisted transistor - look it up on youtube!) but I know you will tell everyone you hate it because its Korn. :p

Gurn said...

Not true, I have a good amount of Korn on the playlists, just not all of their stuff :)

Will check it out though.