Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Clean up your garden - it'll save you from the bugs!

A recent study has found that another species is nearing the endangered list, but its not some lovely animal that we all want to save this time...its the Pubic Louse - or lovingly also known as Crabs.

 These ugly parasites are being wiped out because of the Brazilian - or maybe a Hollywood if you prefer.  Yup, you got it, people (especially women) having their *ahem*..private gardens cleared has resulted in The Sydney Sexual Health Centre in Australia reporting it had not dealt with women suffering from crabs since 2008 and cases in men had decreased by 80 per cent in ten years.

So, today's conclusion: however much it might sting when that wax strip comes off, every inch of that rainforest you destroy with a Brazilian is saving you from these...

Ewwww!..I hope you weren't eating

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