Saturday, 8 November 2014

One year in the blink of an eye

I feel bad.  Not generally, life is pretty great in Barbieland at the moment, but I feel bad for being so absent. 

So, I thought I'd catch up a's been one hell of a year!...but in good ways.

Last October, I changed jobs.  Even before then life was pretty hectic, but typical of me, I do like to give myself a challenge...The new job was in another city. a commute was my only available option.  Mr B was still gainfully employed in our current city, but (thankfully!) was willing to look for a new job so we could relocate.

Just as I started my new job, another employee mentioned the magic word...kittens.  We had been looking to get a new kitten to keep Tori company since our lovely Sasha had passed.  My new contact volunteered for cats protection and had just rescued two kittens to re-home!  We had only planned on taking just one...but how could we separate them?

So, we had two new arrivals...

It took a few months of 3 hours on the train before I heard the wonderful words 'I have an interview!' of course, B being B, he aced it and was offered the job.  It wasn't just any job either, it was a job in his desired field and all the other wants we have when hoping for the right job to come up....Excellent!

Then came the panic.   I'd been looking online at places to move to for a while, trying to prepare for the time ahead, immediately, I started booking viewings and doing more research on areas and all the other important stuff when relocating.  It was time consuming, and due to work schedules (and the distance) I did all of these by myself.  That wasn't a problem at all, thankfully Mr B trusts my judgement!   Most of the flats were not making me particularly happy, and we were on a time limit.  So when a flat came back on the market that I had previously been quite taken with I pounced.  booked a viewing and took the flat without B ever seeing it.  Thankfully, on moving day a couple of weeks later he did like it!

Since then, life has started to calm down.  I can't say I miss the commute, I'm doing well in my new job as is Mr B, and we are starting to settle into our new city.  The cats seem to love the space and regularly use the hallway as a racetrack.

We are still trying to fill the new flat up, there are a few less boxes and a few more seats so its going in the right direction. 

So that's been it....1 year, 2 jobs, 2 flats and 3 cats. 

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