Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ninja cake anyone?

Yes Ninjas.. y'know those guys in black who run around silently in the movies... I really enjoy Ninjutsu (or for those who wish to be picky, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu) Its something I took up when I was younger (about 17) and studied for a few years but the class I was attending had a change in its dynamics so I stopped training. I took it up again about 18 months ago when I finally found a club here in Edinburgh. I was lucky enough to be allowed to keep my old grade and progress from there... sooo last night at the end of my class my sensei announced that I have now been awarded my 1st dan and I am finally a blackbelt.

I'm chuffed to bits! I kept my cool when he announced it and managed only to blush a little when really I wanted to jump up and down clapping my hands and squealing! (as a true barbie girl would of course!!)


Gurn said...

Gurn man say - Congratulations!!

B said...

I got to say this in person, but still - well done honey - you thoroughly deserve it!