Thursday, 28 August 2008

Top 5 covers

Ok, I recently read Gurns post of his Top 5 covers and whilst I figure his choice weren't bad, I didn't necessarily agree. Soooo, here are my choices....although I'm not one for decisions so they are in no particular order...

Disturbed - Shout 2000

Type O Negative - Summer Breeze

Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (I know its not strictly a cover but I'm including it here as it was first performed by composer Grace Slick with her band The Great Society in 1966 before she joined Airplane so I say it counts!)

Gary Jules - Mad World

So there we have it. I finally made a top 5 of, well, anything! Theres others I would include if I had more room but then I'd be back to not really making decisions again wouldn't I?


Gurn said...

I'd forgotten about that Disturbed one - it's so much better than Land of Confusion. Still wish someone would cover Love to hate you by Erasure :D

Twisted Barbie said...

Hmmmm, Love to hate you... that would be hard one. I actually prefer the song of Land of Confusion but I disliked the twist disturbed put on it with their video so it got discounted. I am so fickle lol and Shout 2000 helped me through my gym trip the other day when I wanted to stop the torture!