Sunday, 15 November 2009

Things not to do on buses...Part 1

I use buses almost every day, so I see a lot of odd things. People often complain about women doing their makeup, plucking their eyebrows, or people smoking but sometimes something is odd enough to take a sneaky photo of...This lady came and sat next to me on the bus and the proceeded to eat a bowl of cereal.


Archivegirl said...

I really like your blog full of glimpses into the strange world that we live in. I have never seen a woman on a bus eating cornflakes. Maybe she was trying to be like Nigella who seemed to drink quite a lot of soup on the bus in one of her cooking programmes.


Twisted Barbie said...

Thanks! I like to show the oddness in my world, especially the things I've never come across before (cornflakes on the bus was a new one to me too) How was Nigella ever allowed on a bus with soup??? probably bribed the drivers with a cleavage flash! (my kind of lady!)