Friday, 26 March 2010

Sums and Words People!

OK - totally unrelated to my reminiscence yesterday (but just happens to be about the same place!) - a friend posted a story on facebook about a charity event happening in Norwich. The link led to the local papers website - Evening News 24 - where I read with interest about a man running between the regions two rival football clubs for charity. Then I spotted something in the story that made me smile, read the following sentence yourself first to see if you can see a problem...

This year the Bryan Gunn Appeal is hoping to reach its £1m mark.

Since it was launched in 1993, it has raised around £9,970,000, but with the help of people in Norwich the charity is hoping to reach its magic million.

Got it?...No?... ask yourself how many 0's there are in a million and the recount how "close" they are to achieving £1m...

Bravo Evening news for highlighting the level of innumeracy in Norfolk! ;)

Just in case you fancy contributing to the charity - the story can be found here along with the donation information :)

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