Monday, 18 October 2010

Some people are never happy

Someone - namely Nicholas Robertson, 38 - complained to the media because he got treatment at a hospital. Not unusual I suppose if someone has a medical negligence issue such as instruments being left inside etc, but his problem was nothing this outrageous, He had his burned hand wrapped in a plastic bag from Tesco... When I first heard this I was expecting maybe a grotty carrier bag, or something extreme which would have shown diminished care, but no, wrong again! they used a sterile freezer bag. Perfect!

But he's not happy.
I wouldn't be either had I spilt lighter fluid over myself and then been stupid enough to set my arm on fire.

Big thumbs up to the NHS for making good use of their dwindling funds, and a big thumbs down for stupid losers out for a quick buck at the paper office.

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