Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bus Etiquette Please!

I may* (*read: probably am!) just be growing into a grumpy old lady, but travelling on public transport in Edinburgh can be an absolute nightmare at times.

I couldn't choose one single thing that gets to me, but I think what annoys me most is a seemingly total disregard of the concept of a queue. Edinburgh tends to suffer from bus stops that overflow with people, who just stand in the general area- usually in the middle of the pavement, in case anyone dares to want past!

Unfortunately the problem with putting up with these things everyday is that I've started to become thoroughly ruthless, dropping my own manners to the level of those who are annoying me so much!

I hate these paradoxes!

1 comment:

Purple Cow said...

Come to Athens and Edinburgh's queues will probably seem organised by comparison!