Friday, 6 May 2011

Technology marches on

The speed at which new technology is developed often astounds me. Without wishing to sound like some living dinosaur from a backwater town, I am still able to claim that much of my youth was spent without use or access to even basic computers, never mind games consoles and smartphones! This isn't a nostalgic post about my pre-technology years however.... It is a post about the latest development, the flexible "paper-phone"

Some big brained guys at Queens University in Canada have invented a prototype of a smartphone just millimetres thick which can be manipulated like a piece of paper. The even cooler thing is that to use some of the phones functions you bend it!

These particular boffins believe that many more technologies will be similar to this within 5 years...(maybe so, but probably not affordably so!!)

I like the idea of this technology, but I must admit I'd be a little concerned about my phone being blown away in the wind!

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