Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I spotted this article today...

Jobseeker cites God as reference on his CV

Its not actually about one particular person, but a selection of stupid things people write to "apply" for jobs. My favourite example from this was "One candidate boldly claimed that his experience included being Master Of Time And Universe" Oh yeah. He would go to the top of my pile for interview!!

Whilst it may be funny, the sad side of the story is that these CVs are likely coming from people who don't want to get a job but are made to apply for x number in order to keep themselves on benefits. Maybe the employers should revolt and ask them all in for interviews just for the chuckle of seeing how far they'll really take it...!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

All Lushed out

I am a secret fan of Lush cosmetics. Everything I've ever had from there has been very lovely but unfortunately I do find them a bit on the costly side for everyday use so I consider them a special treat from time to time. I popped onto their website to browse today only to remember that they recently suffered an "attack" from a hacker and are having to investigate possible card misuse because of that. Due to this they have temporarily closed their site, so the page that came up was a simple explanation that they are still trading, just not online at present. Further into the page I noticed this fab sign....

Nice one Lush!