Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Good cover or Good song?

I like music.  I don't like to be elitist and stick to the same genre constantly, instantly shunning any other forms however. (some people may have gleaned this from my previous music related posts!)

A few days ago I found myself humming along to a strangers ipod on the bus.  People leaking music from their headphones is a huge annoyance usually, but this time I recognised the song...kinda.  I only realised on my way home that night that what I'd heard was a cover of a song I quite liked performed in a different style.  It made me think of other good covers and I thought I'd share some here...If you don't know the originals I'm sure you can look them up!.....

First, the song that started all this...(Although I still prefer the original!)
Seven Nation Army

and a selection of what I think are some pretty good covers!...


Smooth Criminal

Sweet Dreams

This could go on forever...you get the idea!

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