Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Don't Panic...Yet

Apparently the zombie apocalypse is not yet upon us.  Says the CDC.  Has the panic and rumour really been enough for them to make an announcement like that?...well, personally I'd say no, the stories of the recent outbreak of bizarre crimes and hazmat team investigations across the US (mostly centered around Miami) haven't been widely reported or hyped in the media.  There has been some viral activity of the stories, but nothing anyone was really taking that seriously...so are they really trying to tell us something different?

Fear not however dear readers!....I think that thanks to a recent TV ad that I have already identified the "lead zombie" (they have those right? ;-) ) .......this woman has not aged anywhere near enough in 30+ years that she's been popping up on my TV screen!

Ester Ranzen when I was very young...

And today!