Saturday, 29 June 2013

Aggressive Fruit?

Sometimes I'm unsure whether some people have much of a concept of today's case the award for overly-cautious-health-and-safety-hazard-spotting goes to the Royal Mail who have refused to deliver to a house due to it's aggressive raspberry plants.

I'll pause there to let you reflect...

Raspberry plants.
Not triffids.
Not giant Venus flytraps.


The bushes' retired owner is quoted in the article:
"The Royal Mail say it is dangerous. They came round and told me they were aggressive raspberries. It was a visit out of the blue....I have got a fierce growth apparently and the postmen are intimidated and threatened by it....But they haven't got any thorns on them and they are not like nasty brambles so I don't see what the problem is.'"

Royal Mail certainly get my vote for overzealous claim of the year so far...intimidated by raspberries.

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