Sunday, 16 June 2013

Spoiler Alert...or not

Anyone who has access to a TV or the internet over the last couple of weeks has probably seen something about the most wonderful Game of Thrones.  A recent episode sent shudders throughout the series' fan base and set the media alight....two days after its showing on UK TV however the free newspaper Metro published a story about the episode, which detailed the event that caused so much controversy.  (I was lucky enough to have watched the episode already so wasn't bothered myself!)

I guess they had a vast number of complaints however as the next day they published this article. It amused me, seeming to be a tongue in cheek not-quite-apology to hit back at the complaints.

But this does raise a valid long to leave it until you can reveal a storyline without getting hassle?  Personally if its on TV then its fair game to discuss it openly in the same week...I'm a heavy Sky+ user but if I'm really taken with a show I'll keep up to date!  Movies are a bit harder to gauge...I remember a friend of mine reveling the ending of the movie Armageddon as he returned from seeing it at the cinema - I was livid as I was planning to see it myself a few days later...I didn't bother to watch that movie until fairly recently when it was being shown on TV!

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